Welcome to Digital Podge 2009

2009 has been a year of unique challenges for the entire creative industry and it has been pretty clear that the digital market has been boosted by its ability to be immediately measurable.

So with that said, we celebrate the facts and figures that continue to make this accountably, measurably and undeniably Digital Podge.

Podge male to female ratio over previous years

The editor of NMA attended one of the design Podge lunches and asked if the idea could work for the digital community.

We tried it in December 2003 and it was really well supported and great fun.

In 2004/5/6/7 it was sold out with months to spare and the 2008 lunch was the largest yet.

If you received an invitation, its because someone at the 2008 lunch recommended you and you fit the criteria of MD or CD.

That's the way it works."


Attendees distance and location map

The Team

Podge Identity & Website

Ross, Rufus and the team at Line have raised the bar creatively and we need a challenger for the 2010 lunch. Any takers?

Podge Copywriter

This year's words (iPod app) were brought to you by the fingers of fellow mancunian Patrick Baglee of navyblue.

Podge mobile genius

Alasdair Scott of The Bright Place made it all look very easy, those of you with iPhones will be able to appreciate what he and his team have created. Their iTrumps app was given a Podge theme by the team at Line and the copy was provided by champion wordsmith Mr Patrick Baglee of navyblue.

Allies of Podge

Robin and her team from Adobe have stepped into the breach and offered financial and logistical support to help with all the nice touches that will be seen around the room on the day. Asking nothing in return they are just keen to put something back into the digital community.

Podge Fuel

No Podge get-together would be complete without alcohol. After the lunch at 5pm, Digital Podge attendees will have the opportunity to raise several glasses to The Talent Business, in return for nothing more than gratitude. Cheers to Paul Angeli and his team!

The A Team

The Podge lunches are made to look very slick and polished due to the organisational skills of the volunteers. Clare, Barbara, PJ and Steve will make sure everyone gets a warm welcome and is seated in the correct place. All of them take unpaid time off work to make this lunch happen.

Podge Photos

Carl Ison doesn't earn his living as a photographer - but Phil reckons he takes a very good picture! He's a designer/CD who enjoys capturing the finer moments of digital podge. Shots you don't get unless you're last man standing at Podge. Carl's business cards all feature photographs that inspire him, pick one up on the 20th November and give him a call.

Podge Location

The Arts Club has earned the right to be the regular venue for all the Podge Lunches. Great venue, great chef, and Ian, Brian, Tino, Yaz, Joan and the team are incredibly attentive to the needs of our illustrious creative gathering. Major refurbishment is about to happen in 2010 at our club. Now would be a good time to join.