There are two main alternatives for flying to Stockholm: take a standard airline like BA or SAS (sometimes SAS co-flies under the BMI label) from Heathrow to Stockholm’s main commercial airport Arlanda. This is a bit more expensive but when booked this far in advance is not unreasonable.

OR, take the Ryan Air tour of the English and Swedish countrysides (you know where Gatwick is and Skavsta is the Swedish equivalent) but save a bundle. When it comes to the former alternative there is a wide range of time options available.


DEPART Gatwick Thursday, 9 Sept

DEPART Stockholm Skavsta Sunday, 12 Sept

Ticket price approx £38

Baggage costs extra and Skavsta is approximately one hour from Stockholm center by bus or car

British Airways

DEPART Heathrow Thursday, 9 Sept

DEPART Stockholm Arlanda Sunday, 12 Sept

Ticket price now approx £125

SAS/BMI (these fly co-branded)

DEPART Heathrow Thursday, 9 Sept

DEPART Stockholm Arlanda Sunday, 12 Sept

Ticket price now approx £135

Recommended accommodations

Hostel af Chapman

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Yes it’s a hostel, but not just any hostel – it’s also one of Stockholm’s best-known landmarks. Located bang in the middle of Stockholm the hostel af Chapman is housed aboard a recently-restored clipper ship dating originally from 1888. Staying here will definitely complete this as the unusual trip of a lifetime. And the best part is it’s extremely reasonably priced, justifiable to even the most discerning of bosses and/or finance managers.

Given the amazing response so far to Swedish Podge we’ve pre-booked 24 beds here for hearty souls, divided into 4 cabins of 6 bunks each. So be sure to book your bunk before they all disappear!

Prices for September 9 - 12:

  • 400 SEK (£37)/person and night
  • Breakfast 75 SEK (£6.80)

Did we mention it’s cheap?

Rival Hotel

Too fancy to bunk with the boys? (You know who you are!) Then we recommend this alternative. Situated on Stockholm’s southern island (Södermalm, Stockholm’s answer to Paris’ left bank) Rival is a fashionable, medium-size boutique hotel.

Prices for September 9:

  • Deluxe room with balcony, single use, 2890 SEK (£262)/night
  • Deluxe room, single use, 2690 SEK (£244)/night
  • Superior room, single use, 2390 SEK (£217)/night
  • Standard room, single use, 2190 SEK (£199)/night

Prices from September 10-12:

  • Deluxe room with balcony, single use, 2195 SEK (£199)/night
  • Deluxe room, single use, 1995 SEK (£181)/night
  • Superior room, single use, 1695 SEK (£154)/night
  • Standard room, single use, 1495 SEK (£136)/night

Lydmar Hotel

Fancier still? Lydmar is our high-end recommendation for this year. It doesn’t get much trendier than this boutique hotel, but the prices show it. Lydmar is on the water, not far from the af Chapman Hostel in fact.

Prices from September 9-12:

  • Medium double, 3200 SEK (£290)/night
  • Small double, 2500 (£227)/night

Hotel Stureplan

Finally we’ve included a third alternative just in case. Stureplan is also a boutique hotel, not quite as flashy as Lydmar or Rival, but more central than either of the first two and a good value to boot.

Prices from 9-12 September:

  • Single room, 1520 SEK (£138)/night
  • Double room, 1820 SEK (£165)/night