Sweden’s late summer feast

Crayfish Parties are all about the crayfish of course. But if you don’t eat shellfish for whatever reason, don’t worry: there will also be delicious vegetarian and meat alternatives available (booked on an individual basis upon request), and no one will be throwing the little blighters around the room. We hope.

In addition a traditional Crayfish Party includes other small dishes to help fill out the corners, as it were.

All shellfish served according to WWF’s guiding principles.


  • Game paté with bacon
  • Preserved shitake mushrooms
  • Apple - and horse-radish salad
  • Aged - (Wästerbotten) cheese tarte
  • "Gubbröra" anchovy hotchpotch on dark rye bread
  • Chantarelle pie
  • Lemon aioli
  • Seed-spiced cheese
  • Schnapps-flavoured cheese
  • White and brown home-made bread
  • Two sorts of crisp bread


A tarte Tatin with vanilla and cardamom ice cream

Coffee and late night snack will also be served

A visualisation of The Shuffle